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Software Engineer

San Diego, CA

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About Me

Software Engineer currently focused on full stack development using Java micro services and React. I am a very motivated and determined individual that loves to solve complicated issues with software. I believe that almost anything is possible with software and I love to use my creativity to come up with new ways to solve things. I think outside the box and also use various resources to solve problems the best way possible. I started learning programming in C and now use C#/Java every day. I am very well versed with my development tools and can easily pick up new languages, frameworks, and tools. I am capable of creating software from scratch as well as picking up legacy code to make adjustments/enhancements. I have experience working on various systems ranging from microcontrollers to cloud platforms.

Whatever your problem is, I will find the solution.


Lori Minden & Associates Lori Minden & Associates

Full website build with custom theme using bootstrap framework and various JS libraries.

Team Poseidon Team Poseidon

Helped design and develop an underwater acoustic modem. Worked on the software team and focused on serial communication between our PC and hardware. Designed and developed website.

Dark Heart Brewery Dark Heart Brewing

Full website build

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